Company Overview

Company Name
Bisei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Street address
April 2, 1962
Capital Stock
61,000,000 yen
Chief Executive Officer
Toru Miyawaki
Kunio Miyawaki
Business Information
With foundation garments such as bras, girdles and bodysuits as our focus, we produce and sell women's undergarments which include lingerie such as panties and camisoles. Primarily, we provide project proposals for OEM joint development products for catalog brands and chain store brands.
No.5875777  BI・REINE
No.5878191  BIKEN CLUB
No.5959399  Manners Panchu
No.5976943  Minarl
No.6309609  cucone
No.6577856  BIBody Salon
No.3237031   Underwear
No.2021-031793 Body suit
No.6652768   Body shaping clothing
No.6610974   Underwear for lower body
No.6604614   Lower body clothing
No.2018-000167 Animal corset
No.2017-184624 Animal clothes


September 1956
Bisei Sangyo L.L.C. founded (Shiga Prefecture Kinomotocho)
September 1956
Kinomoto factory established (Shiga Prefecture Kinomotocho)
November 1959
Hikone factory established (Hikone, Shiga Prefecture)
April 1961
Maizuru factory established (Maizuru, Kyoto Province)
April 1962
Changed from limited liability company to joint-stock company
August 1965
Headquarters moved to Hikone City
November 1972
Joint-venture Cheonan, South Korea factory established
July 1975
Kanoya factory established (Kanoya, Kagoshima Prefecture)
May 1983
Begin trading with Wu Yu Foundation Co., Ltd
January 1990
Indonesia factory established (Indonesia)
Pt. Wujud Nawangwulan
Wu Yu Foundation Co., Ltd. (Full ownership)
September 1994
Shanghai factory established (Shanghai, China) Shanghai Mei-cheng Fashion Co., Ltd.
Bisei Sangyo 65% Wu Yu Foundation Co., Ltd. 35%
September 1997
Becomes member of Wu Yu Group as child company of Wu Yu
Foundation Co., Ltd.
Cheng Ton Lieh assumes role as president of Bisei Sangyo
November 2001
Debra Fashion (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in Shanghai, China
March 2003
Cheng Yung Kuang assumes role as president of Bisei Sangyo
May 2005
Distribution center established in Shanghai, China
January 2020
「cuconé®」exhibits at Salon International de la Lingerie
January 2021
June 2022
「cuconé®」exhibits at Salon International de la Lingerie
December 2022
Cheng Yung Kuang resign as representative
December 2022
Toru Miyawaki take office as representative

Company Office Information



Tokyo Branch

6th Floor, Jyono BuildingⅠ,
17-3 Tsunamachi Nihonbashi Daigaku
Chuo-ku, Tokyo






TEL. 0749-22-0371

FAX. 0749-22-0118