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What is OEM?

OEM is short for "Original Equipment Manufacturing," and refers to the selling of products developed or produced jointly between the manufacturer and selling company under a shop brand.
Taking full advantage of our know-how as a Bisei Sangyo lingerie and foundation manufacturer, through closely collaborating with shops, we create products loved by customers with providing project proposals for products that accommodate the needs of consumers as our motto.
Feel free to consult us regardless of the quantity.

The Strength of Bisei

  1. Stable production through four factories in two locations overseas
  2. Quality control without the worry through our Shanghai inspection distribution center
  3. Direct delivery which reduces distribution costs and shortens delivery time
  4. An extensive supply of materials from locations such as Japan, Asia (Taiwan, China, South Korea), Europe, America
  5. Long-lived traditions rooted in Japan's leading production areas of undergarments

Flow Until Final Product