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Business Policy

Following the foundation of our company in April of 1962, based on our management policy of "contributing to society through the foundation garment industry," we have been involved the development of services and optimal products which can give our customers the most satisfaction using our creativity which is backed by experience.
It is our aim to respond to the ever-changing society, carry out management based on the point of views of our shareholders, customers, trade partners and employees, and maximize our corporate value.

Business Information

With foundation garments such as bras, girdles and bodysuits as our focus, we produce and sell women's undergarments which include lingerie such as panties and camisoles. Primarily, we provide project proposals for OEM joint development products for catalog brands and chain store brands.

Main Suppliers

  • Asahi Kasei Corporation
  • Itochu Corporation
  • Toyobo Co., Ltd.
  • Sakae Lace Co., Ltd.
  • Koshin Co., Ltd.

Primary Bank

Shiga Bank, Ltd. Hikone Branch

"Hikone Senni Cooperative" Business Overview

In the Kotou region, which is considered the center of Hikone, in addition to being widely known throughout Japan as an area where sewing products are produced, our trading of imported goods has been annually decreasing due to competition and we are compelled by the necessity to further restructure our organization through the effective utilization of management resources in regards to our small to medium enterprises.
On top of eliminating the majority of problematic points which each enterprise has, the rationalization and modernization of the management of union member companies is indispensable, and in order to more strongly support that, we need to continue enhancing education as well as providing information for the sake of spreading knowledge related to unions and the improvement of management as well as technology.
We are currently developing associations using the reception of foreign trainees projects and projects for the creation of an original Hikone brand as a support, however we intend to collaborate even more with administration and all groups, aiming to enrich the entire region and promote associations that brim with originality in the future.
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